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Best of the Best Online Stud Ram Sale

Monday, June 1st at Showstockplanet

Delivery Options:
Delivery available to Woodward, OK weekend of June 6. West Coast & southern options through Bob May @ 530-200-0866, eastern deliveries through Jonathon Lippert @ 703-595-5405, Darren Clouse @765-412-2453, Andrew Israel @ 407-416-8265, or IA through TX through Justin Bowers @ 580-571-2519.


Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat

 Jungle Cat

Date of Birth: 2016
Sex: Ram
Blood Work: FFQR
Sire: Fowl
Dam: Puma
Breed: Crossbred
Special Terms: Selling full interest, and full possession.

With the addition of Jungle Cat in 2016, we knew the importance of his pedigree and were looking to stouten up our already rich buck battery of Fowl genetics. He brought not only what we expected in terms of consistently stamping that shallow chest and clean blade, yet uniquely tied it all together with bulgy rack, massive upper hip, and thick set of feet and legs. Great part is, he breeds exactly how he looks and hits dingers when taken to some stout brood ewes. A quick highlight reel of his winners include Grand Market Lamb at Colorado State Fair in 2018 and Reserve Natural at Wisconsin State fair in 2018 has taken his talents elsewhere and proven himself in neighboring flocks with Spath Show Stock and Lents livestock where they won SE Iowa Final Drive with Jungle Cat ewe in 2019. The only thing that’s more impressive than his lambs that made the winners circle are the ewes that never left the farm (not to mention Bush Lights dam). We are extremely pleased with maternal side of his genetics that will continue to run through our flock for years to come.   

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June 2, 2020

Farm Address:
2280 Neely Avenue
Webster City, Iowa 50595

Tanner Hild

Indio, California

Billing Address:
2391 Neely Ave.
Webster City, Iowa 50595

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