2020 Sales

This year marks a change on how we’ll market the majority of our early born wethers. Due to three distinct “waves” of early lambs, and having clients from all over the nation, we have decided to move towards a online bid off format for our wethers on the early January group, as well as the ET group born in mid Jan. No matter when you visit our farm, you’ll have the opportunity to have a shot at buying your choice in a group. We certainly appreciate all the support we’ve received for our program up to this point, and look forward to building on all the relationships we’ve made, and building many more in the future. 

If you have ANY questions regarding this format, please just reach out to Charlie at 515-351-2070.  
For visitors wanting to look at sheep Feb 14-16, contact Tanner at 928-285-8975.

Premier Offering Online Sale

March 18th at SC Online Sales

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 Delivery Options:
We will guarantee delivery and work with purchaser to get you your sheep, regardless of what happens in the weeks to come.
Please contact Charlie directly after sale to make arrangements at 515-351-2070.
Current plans are to swap sheep in Des Moines scheduled on 3-21 & Indiana weekend of 3-28.

HB 20071 – Ewe

HB 20071  – Ewe

Sire: Harrell 78
Dam: Jungle Cat x Jester
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Cross/Hamp

It’s unfortunate we didn’t get to show this gal off in person. She’s got stupid big legs, rock hard handling, cocky headed, and incredible in the angles to her skeleton.

HB 20085 – Wether

HB 20085  – Wether

Sire: Harrell 78
Dam: Brisby
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Cross/Hamp

The extremely popular “crinkle eared” sheep from pen 4. Born a triplet, he had a rough start, but has been coming on a like a freight train. I can’t remember the last time I thought more highly of a sheep in real life vs the picture. Take a look at the video, but this dude is the real deal in person. We were pretty stoked to have him as our lead off for the Premier 10.

HB 20075 – Wether

HB 20075  – Wether

Sire: Brisby
Dam: Fowl Play (Full Sis to Denver Grand)
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Cross/Hamp

Lead off wether for the Main Event. Keep pushing him to be a big time player at CA or an early state fair, or coast him to be a man at any Midwest state fair. He’s unique how he combines tons of width and mass with a cobra cocky, long neck. His rack handles like a 135 pounder already.

HB 20093 – Wether

HB 20093  – Wether

Sire: Harrell 78
Dam: Gunsmoke x Olive
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Cross/Hamp

A sheep I have always dug, but knew taking his baby wool off would be a game changer. He’s ultra square and crisp in his rack shape, and is one wild exotic creature from the side. This dude will be a feeding machine and has lots of miles on him.

HB 20034 – Ewe

HB 20034  – Ewe

Sire: Moon Man (DTM x Angry Bird)
Dam: Fowl Play x Brisby’s Mom
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Cross/Hamp

The biggest backed lady on the ranch in the early AI. It’s juicy big. She’s still got her chest shoved up in her and a killer from the side. I think she would have had some friends in Des Moines.

HB 20048 – Wether

HB 20048  – Wether

Sire: Whitey Tighty
Dam: TW
DOB: January 2020
Breed: Dorset/Horned Dorset

I can’t say I am disappointed that I will not be showing this guy in the ring in Indiana, I’m sure Monica and friends would have enjoyed watching that. What I can say is if you put the time and effort dragging a Dorset wether to a sale, they better be good. He sells as a “maybe horned”. He had some nice looking nubs that got knocked off during our first date on the stand, however the ones growing beneath them coming through now look to be thicker. Not guaranteeing he’ll have horns, but I think he for darn sure looks like he could have some nice ones come July/August right now at least.

Online Sale – Mid Decembers

February 17, 2020

Online Sale – Decembers and Early January Ewe Lambs

February 24, 2020

Private Online Link Bid Off

February 24, 2020

Wethers from Early January A.I. group.
No males sold prior to this date.
Must turn in a tag to be eligible to bid and have access to link. (Pictures will not be be provided, only tag info). Contact Charlie at 515-351-2070 with any questions at all regarding this format. 

Tags due 5pm this Sunday!

Online Sale – Early January’s

March 2, 2020

Private Online Link Bid Off

March 9, 2020

Wethers from our Mid January ET Group. No males sold prior to this date.  Must turn in a tag to be eligible to bid and have access to link. (Pictures will not be be provided, only tag info). Contact Charlie at 515-351-2070 with any questions at all regarding this format. 

Tags due 5pm  – March 8th

The Main Event

March 21, 2020

Premier 10

March 27, 2020

Midwest Elite Show & Sale

March 27-28, 2020
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Corp Sale/ Oklahoma Black & White

April 25, 2020

Dynamic Divas

March 27, 2020

Girls of Summer

June 2, 2020

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