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HB 16095

Angry Bird x  Showcase

Mother of:
  • Keeper Jungle Cat Ewe
  • Jungle Cat wether to JFSS


  • Jungle Cat Wether to Sandy (CO)
  • Jungle Cat Ewe to Knipper (IA)
  • Jungle Cat Ewe to McClain (IA)
  • Bush Light Wether to Lane Hale (TX)
  • Keeper Bush Light Ewe

Hild Brothers Winners
Grand Champion Market Lamb
2019 Tri State Fair (TX)
Shown by Kelbi Lindley
Placed by Lane Hale
Busch Light x 16095

Hild Winners
Reserve Division 2
2019 Tri State Fair (TX)
Busch Light x 16095

Hild Donors
3rd Overall
2018 Dodgepoint Showdown 

Reserve  Natural
2018 WI State Fair