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We also plan to have “fresh ship” capabilities this summer.


Hild Bros 16021

Angry Bird x Bedrock


  • $200/unit
  • Semen stored at RSG & ISU

Brisby has been the consistent source for terminal muscle shape at our house, and for those that have used him outside our flock will attest to the same thing. Skeletally speaking he’ll add width at the ground, natural substance of bone combined with fuzz. With this he’ll add raw shape to their rack, and the largest rear 1/4’s we’ve ever seen. At the Hild ranch, if a ewe has a Brisby lamb without enough muscle, they go to town, because she isn’t capable of producing one with enough.

Ham Gravy

Hild Bros 16197

Fowl Play x HB 1506 “Olive” (Angry Bird x Firecracker)


  • $200/unit
  • Semen stored at RSG & ISU

HG is the first born to the best ewe that we own, “Olive” (if you’re asking Charlie). Being an April born in 2016, he only had March and Aprils in 2017, but they were popular. He does make blue ones, even more so than his sire, especially if the ewe is blue or has blue in her pedigree. HG will make them wild in their underline, extremely thinned skinned, and expressive muscled.

“Olive” – Ham Gravy’s Dam


Hild Bros 17120

Brisby x “Foxy” (Full Sister to Burch’s Chunky Monkey)


  • $200/unit

Even though it’s early and this is his first crop, Shameless produced essentially what we expected him to do.  Compared to his sire, he’s a shot bigger, more extended through his front 1/3, and ties his shoulder in a notch cleaner. He throws lambs equally as massive as his sire, but not with the harsh terminal shape that Brisby does. Not a sheep you need to guard anywhere, just breed him.

Jungle Cat

Fowl x Puma


  • $200/unit
  • Semen stored at RSG & ISU

JC has done an outstanding job at making them extra exotic in their underline, extremely wooly, and sheep that continue to mass up with time, much like his sire “Fowl”.  A sire that has the capability of hitting big home runs.

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