Friday, November 9, 2018
7:00 pm

The North American Livestock Exposition Center, West Pavilion, East Hall— Louisville Kentucky

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Each ewe will sell with 1 straw of Fowl Play Semen (Sire of National Western Grand).
We have NEVER, EVER, sold semen on this buck.

Lot 21 – HB 18190

Lot 21  –  HB 18190
DOB: 3/24/18
Bush Baby X “Mila” (Fowl Play)
Not Exposed
Fowl Play Semen Stored at RSG

Sleek is pretty good word to start on this fox. I wasn’t aware of the caliber of this girl until my brother sent me pictures of the ewes we were taking to Louisville, you better believe I asked multiple times if he was having second thoughts on selling her. I showed this gal’s mom my last year in FFA, her triplet sister, “Black Nancy,” was a multiple time show winner in Ohio. It doesn’t take a livestock eye to see how unique this one is built. Stands true and square on some of the STOUTEST feet and legs we could make, and has some impressive shape sitting up high for how elegant her design reads from the profile. She took a heartbreaker of a picture. All I can say is, I hope she brings a lot of wealth and fortune for whoever takes her home. And as an added bonus, she’s the twin sister to the Reserve Grand Wether Dam in Dallas!

Twin Sister To Lot 21
Reserve Grand Wether Dam
2018 State Fair of Texas
Bush Baby x Fowl Play

Lot 22 – HB 18310

Lot 22  –  HB 18310
DOB: 4/13/18
Shameless X 17128 y (Fowl Play)
Not Exposed
Fowl Play Semen Stored at RSG

We Hild Brothers don’t like to garner towards just one type of sheep in our operation, you’ll find all shapes and sizes to fit your liking. If you like them a little stouter and moderate there’s no “shame” in that because that’s what this shameless ewe does best. Reading this ewe for what she truly is, you could get creative with the topside mating in the coming years. You won’t have to guard her mammoth legs or her in terms of power, yet uniquely for her stature still has that uphill climb through her front 1/3 that everyone is trying to make. Not to mention how I love the way she ties from her neck to the topside of her blade. She has the pieces to make some great ones.


Friday, November 9, 2018
3:00 pm

The North American Livestock Exposition Center, West Pavillion, East Hall— Louisville Kentucky

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Sire:  Adjustment
Dam: Jester (Same dam to donor, Pebbles)
DOB: 2014
Service Sire: Fowl Play
Expected Due Date: 12-15-18
Ultrasound: Triplets 

If making some “out there” blue ones is your goal for the upcoming lamb crop, we have one you need to take a look at Friday in Louisville.  This girl is about as wild bodied and good looking of a mature ewe we have on the farm, and she’s got the high caliber resume that ones are known to have that make the haul to this sale. We’ve retained 2 Brisby daughters, and her Brisby wether sold for $2500 in this year’s young guns. Never been bred to Fowl Play before, but her terminal shape is what I guard on him to make the ultra good ones. Keep in mind, she scans with TRIPLETS, so this one should be pretty easy to pencil out.   


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